Two Piece / Split Pitched Vent

Two Piece / Split Pitched Vent
Some reasons for ordering a standard split vent:
* Save shipping costs. On a typical order $80 to $150 can be saved depending on the size and quantity order.
* Ease of installation. The two halves fit exactly together in the center with a trim piece already attached to one half that covers the joint in the middle. Also the weight of standard vents ranges from 15lbs to over 200lbs. Installing a split vent reduces the amount of weight being handled.
* Appearance. The split vent is a unique look that many customers find appealing.

The two equal halves are pre-trimmed and ready for installation. Simply bring them together in the middle and fasten into place. The center trim, or mullion will completely conceal the center joint.

To order a split vent simply select "Split Vent" from the drop down box titled "Louver Style" on the product order page.
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