Celullar PVC

Celullar PVC
Cellular PVC sheets by Certainteed can be cut, routed, and filed to accommodate any shape. They can be installed with regular woodworking tools. Installers use conventional carbon-tipped blades and standard woodworking drill bits. The edges of PVC sheets can be finished with machine edging, sanding, grinding, or filing. PVC sheets can be painted, although it is not necessary because the sheets are manufactured in a natural white color. Oil-based paints and primers should not be used to paint PVC trim; use acrylic latex paint. Paint manufactures sell paint that is specifically designed for PVC trim and other vinyl building products if the color is darker. PVC sheets can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush and soapy water.

Cellular PVC sheets are used in building products because they have the working characteristics of wood with none of the maintenance problems that come with wood. Homeowners prefer PVC building products because they do not rot, are impervious to boring insects like termites and carpenter bees, will not absorb water, weather consistently, and do not need to be painted or stained. Builders, remodelers, and installers like PVC building sheets because they are lightweight; can be installed with ordinary woodworking tools; do not need on-site finishing; and are available in a variety of sizes.

Cellular PVC sheets can be used in any non-load-bearing application where wood or plywood sheets are used. Cellular PVC is a product made for exterior applications such as house trim, porch components and decks.

Kimball Design uses Cellular PVC product to construct gable vents, foundation vents and shutters as well as other custom requests.

CERTAINTEED, VERSATEX and AZEK are brand names for this product which is available in dimensional sizes similar to lumber and having about the same density as Pine. This Cellular PVC product is the preferred choice in synthetic wood giving the finished product the feel and appearance of real wood.
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