* All lumber is kiln dried reducing the potential for shrinkage and fastener corrosion.

* The vent box is constructed of 3/4" x 2 3/4" lumber.

* The Face trim is attached to the front of the vent box. The 2 3/4" flat trim over hangs the vent box 2". The 2" brick molding over hangs the vent box 1 1/4"

* The louvers are 3/4" x 3 1/2" set in the vent box at a 30 deg angle. The louvers are spaced 3" apart and overlap each other 3/4". There is a net free air space of 7/8" per lineal inch between louvers.

* A 5/16" thick screen molding is applied over aluminum screen wire on the back of the vent to stop bug and bird penitration, making the overall mounting depth of the vent 3". The depth can be minimized to 2" without changing the pitch of the louvers or altering the net free air space.

* Joints are glued together using a water-proof wood glue. At the bottom of the vent box where the face trim attaches, a silicone barier is applied to conduct moisture to the outside of the vent.

* Galvanized staples are used throughout construction.
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