54" base 10/12 pitch<br>Triangle Gable Vent

54" base 10/12 pitch
Triangle Gable Vent

Item# GVP1054
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Product Description

OVERSIZE - May require a shipping quote.
Triangle gable vents of Cedar, PVC, Cypress & Pine.
Net Free Area: approx. 173.57"
RO (Rough Opening) = 54" x 22.5"
Louver Box measures:52 3/4" x 22"
The overall outside of trim measurement:
with the 3/4" x 2 3/4" SE : 63" x 26 1/4"
with the 1 1/8" x 2" BM : 59 1/2" x 24 3/4"
Standard louver box depth: 3"

Shipping: If ordered as a one-piece vent this item requires a shipping quote.A shipping quote will be sent via e-mail, and no charges will be made until the quote is approved.
FREE SHIPPING if ordered as a Split Vent.

Split Vent: A Triangle Gable Vent made of two right triangles that join together in the middle with a Mullion that covers the joint. If ordering a gable vent that requires a shipping quote selecting the split vent option could save over $100.00 in shipping costs. See an example of a split vent; Split Vents

10/12 Cedar Triangle Gable Vents. Also in PVC, Cypress and Pine. Made of #1 clear lumber. Fastened with galvanized staples, and exterior wood glue. Aluminum screen is applied to the back of the louver box. The stated size is the RO (rough opening). The standard louver box measures 1/2" under the stated size and is 3" deep. "Surface Mounted Vents" are 1-1/2" overall depth, (option available using drop-down selections). Overall outside of trim measurement depends upon the trim option selected. Surface finish options are, Sanded Smooth, Rough Sawn and Applied Primer Paint.
FREE SHIPPING on most sizes.

Other sizes are available. Please call for pricing.

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