COVID19 Stimulus Discount: CODE - WIN2020

COVID-19 Stimulus Discount

COVID-19 Stimulus

A message from the president

To our customers and friends everywhere, we hope and pray for your safety in these uncertain times. As a father and grandfather, I feel the anxiety that many of you may feel because of this enemy at our doors. I do believe that as we seek the guidance of a loving Father in Heaven, we and our leaders will find the best path to dealing with the Novel Corona Virus.

I am concerned about the over-all impact this will have on me, my family, my employees, my country and the world. Certainly, the impact will be varied and extensive. Because I anticipate the economic impact that this may have on us all I have decided to offer the largest discount on our products ever offered by Kimball Design, in the hope that I can help alleviate that impact in some way. God bless us all.

Kimball Palmer President

Kimball Design will now offer a 20% discount on all orders of any size until further notice. Enter CODE WIN2020
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